Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reed (22) flips his way to the endzone

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Rose Bowl - USC wins 49-17 over Illinois

The Illini looked ugly almost all game. With bad defense... against USC, you will need to score 40+ points to have a chance. I must admit that the first half of the 3rd quarter was great. I wanted USC to win, for the Pac-10 but not in a blow-out. I was so excited to watch part of the 3rd quarter because I thought there was a game... I was wrong. Right when they were coming back they fumbled running down the field. It was boring. Just another point of the boring bowls. This is Sports 24/7 Blog presented by Google and you've just been filled in.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Best and worst of 2007.

The best and the worst of 2007. I think it was a great way to start the year off with that Boise State win over Oklahoma. One of the most exciting bowl games I have ever seen with the Statue of Liberty play. March Madness was also a great tournament to watch. Congratulations to Florida for winning the BCS National Championship and the Championship in basketball. I think other than OJ Simpson, Michael Vick is the most sick football player. Killing dogs? That is crude, and abuse to the dogs. However, I loved watching him play football. It is sad to see how his career plummeted. He was the most popular football player with great talent and skills and to waste it by killing dogs. Crazy. He is mean and sick-hearted. I loved his press-conference though saying he's sorry for his actions. Great. He said he is sorry. I really hope he cleans up his act. Marion Jones admits to using performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds says he didn't know he was taking steroids. I have some sympathy for him. He would've been a hall of fame player. That's what I think is different about him than Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens would've been an average or below average pitcher if you do the math. Patriots go undefeated 16-0 in the regular season with a great game vs. the Giants. I thought the Giants were going to win. The Patriots are in a weird situation. They go 16-0...great. What happens if they don't win the super bowl? They will be criticized forever. Broadcasters are saying that if they don't win the super bowl then they aren't one of the greatest teams in history. That's crazy! They are the best team. I want your thoughts on the year of 2007 in sports. This is Sports 24/7 Blog presented by Google and you've just been filled in.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Sports 24/7.


I am absolutely sick about these bowls. There are 32 bowl games a year. I must admit that some bowl games are fantastic. I liked the bowl games the way they used to be. The Rose Bowl was the best. It was the best Big-10 team vs. the best Pac-10 team. I loved it. Now people are saying the Rose Bowl this year is the way it should be. Excuse me!? Ohio State is in the National Championship. There's just too many bowl games. I really enjoyed the Air Force - Cal game and the BYU - UCLA game. Great stuff. The UCF game with Kevin Smith chasing Barry Sanders record was pretty cool. It's just too much. Too much. As a matter of fact, I might not watch the National Championship game. Why? Because there's not the excitement. The Rose Bowl will be great. I can't wait. I am not a USC Fan... I am a USC Hater! I am rooting for USC though because I want the Pac-10 to be strong in football. Currently, they are 3-2. One more game I can't wait for.... Michigan - Florida. This is Sports 24/7 Blog presented by Google and you've just been filled in.

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